Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Mom has an incredible memory, continues to help me with my research business, and remains an entrepreneur at almost 93 years young. Mom enjoys working in a garden as she has for over 40 years.

Perhaps a secret to longevity is loving and taking care of the home you live in, making your house a home, baking cherry pies from the cherries on your tree, growing your own vegetables and herbs, having wonderful neighbors, and belonging to an extended family of caring residents on a street such as Belrose Road. The residents created a park for the children and adults in the area called Oakville Park.

The slogan of the neighborhood, "make Oakville Park a reality," is a reality including activities for all ages. I still have my tea shirt, attended the pancake breakfasts supported by neighbors who care about and participate in numerous activities, and I did not live in Cleveland! It is incredible what a group of caring neighbors can accomplish!

Over the years I learned much from Mom's wonderful neighbors and their children. Today I found out about the grandfather that built Mom's house and the two granddaughters that lived in it. The custom cabinets, desks, and dressing tables made by the owner, a respected carpenter.

Every house has an interesting history. Original or long time owners have a story to tell. This is a best kept secret.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Are you interested in the technologies related to Harry Potter's invisibility cloak? Do you remember the space ship of the Klingons or have interest in smart coatings?

Want to know what type of paint hides more flaws? How does the lotus flower keep itself clean in the muddy waters where it grows? What country now leads the world in chemical patents?

Find the picture of the gecko and read our latest article published in the February/March, 2010
issue of the APCJ: Asia Pacific Coatings Journal, pp 29-31.