Saturday, January 14, 2012

Treasure Hunt for Missing Funds

It is incredible that each time I search names of family members on missing funds websites, names that I recognize turn up! My niece recently claimed funds and the process was grueling but she got the funds. I see my sister's name on various lists as well as the name of neighbors and friends!

Missing funds sites, sometimes termed "unclaimed funds" or "unclaimed property" are organized in aggregate but knowing the state helps in double checking results. Whenever I check a list, I find a relative or friend's name. I check the names on as many sites as possible but not as often as I should!

To start your search, below are a few of the sites for identifying missing/lost funds:

National list:


Other Sites:

The last site above,, is great if you do not have  a clue as to which State you should be searching!

The treasure hunt is fun and can be rewarding! If you ever find my name on your search
(Rosa Raskin, Rosa Shine, Rosa Shine Raskin), please let me know!

Happy treasure hunting!