Saturday, December 8, 2012

Posting Responses to Book Reviews

I realized today that one can respond, or add comments to a book review on

As an author, I wanted to thank someone in Australia for a wonderful review of "Walk Forward," but
I could not find his email address. I read the reviewer was from Australia.

I clicked on his name in his review of my book, which lead me to more book reviews.

I finally saw the comments area and decided to try to thank the reviewer for his review and add something which I thought might be of interest to potential readers of "Walk Forward" and those who have read the book.

It was most simple to post the comments and I wonder if my comments might be picked up by Google in a few days as each book review is eventually included in Google?

Herein is the link to Walk Forward, click on the more reviews area to see all reviews and where one can add additional comments,

Or go directly to the comments area where I replied to the most current book review of  "Walk Forward" at