Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Social Networking Search Sites

There are many social networking search sites to check what is being said about companies, brands, people, and any topic of interest.

Some of the search sites list the names of persons who have searched for the company or brand most often, and comments are interpreted as positive or negative. The reach of the brand, sentiment, and/or passion may be included. Sites may check blogs, videos, conversations, or anything searchable on the web. One generally has a choice as to what to include. I suggest doing a broad search including all types of information at regular intervals to see what is out there.

Once you know who is talking about your brand you may chose to answer or have someone answer for you.

Want to know who is searching your company, brand, or what people are saying about your product? To be ready to reply in a timely manner, you need regularly scheduled updates on what is being said about your brand.

Many articles on searching social networking web sites are published on the web and more search sites will be created in the future. One rarely finds the same materials on the sites as some include the information sooner than others, some may delete if after a time period, and is no one comprehensive social search tool is available. Each site has its advantages. Many social networking "search" sites are free while others are fee-based.

If you do not have time to keep up with what is being said about your product or company, hire an information professional to do the search for you on a regular basis.

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