Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Automotive Coatings Article

My article entitled, Automotive Coatings: Innovation and Collaboration is published in the current, May 2010 issue of PPCJ: Polymers Paint Colour Journal, Volume 200,
Number 4548, on pp 24-26.

The picture of the honey bee is most relevant to the article -- read it and let me know if you agree?

Soon to be published, "Secrets of Marine Coatings," (PPCJ) "Biocides and Nature,"(PPCJ) and "Flame Retardants" (APCJ).

Did you miss my February article in APCJ on smart coatings, check it full text online in the
February/March 2010 issue of APCJ, pp 29-31 at http://www.asiapacificcoatingsjournal.com/