Monday, December 6, 2010

Publications from Rosa S. Raskin & Associates

I love the cover of the October 2010 issue of PPCJ:
Polymers Paint Colour Journal.

PPCJ and a companion journal, APCJ, include vivid color pictures and exquisite graphics. A beautiful photograph of trees and the title of the issue, "Natural world: Creative colours measure up", reflect the beauty of fall's color palate.

"Eye catching" is the subheading in PPCJ's Table of Contents where one can read the reference to my article entitled "Living Colour: Functional Pigments". The term "living" was so much on my mind when I wrote the article on pigment qualities as I had immediate family in the hospital. Survival, "living" was the issue of the day.

My family has done remarkably well. We had the best Thanksgiving ever. The world looks more colorful.

Thanks PPCJ, you are more than an "eye catching, informative, trade" journal to me --

You reflect life itself!

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