Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walk Forward

The picture on the cover of my book is a picture of my mother, Louise V. Shine, taken in 1938.


I published my book, Walk Forward, yesterday, and am truly amazed at how quickly Amazon loaded the book on their platform!  I am also impressed with their "Author Central" option and "Report" module to keep track of everything.

I decided to try the Kindle Select program, which has an exclusive on my book for 90 days, as I like having the book available in the Kindle Lending Library. I love libraries and hope to get hard copies of my book into libraries one day.

The book is targeted to young adults and adults, has one five star review, and sold two copies in its first few hours of life on the Amazon Kindle Select platform. A few hours later, 5 copies of the book were downloaded.

I will be pleased if the book helps uncover a single new secret about my lost sister.

If you have any interest in family relationships or history, please send the link for the book to your family and friends:

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