Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Marketing Secrets

The first rule for book marketing is to get reviews. It sounds easy, but it is hard to have someone read a book and "volunteer" to write a review. It would seem to me that anyone who might receive a gifted book from a new author, might think of submitting a review, but this is not necessarily the case. Some family think that since family and friends are often the first to review a book, that they should wait. Unfortunately, at least five reviews are required to post on some popular ebook sites. If one does not have at least five reviews, the new title may not be included in certain important book lists.

I finally have six reviews and forwarded my book, Walk Forward, to addicted to ebooks at I received my 5th and 6th reviews yesterday, and am most grateful to anyone that wrote a review so that I might post the book to such lists. Walk Forward is #2 on today's list at

Since my book is about my search for a lost sister, one would think that family might jump at the chance to participate in finding our half-sister, lost to our father when she was only nine years old. I am most sorry to report that this is not necessarily the case. One of the six reviews for Walk Forward is from a family member!

I wrote a press release for the book this morning and hope to post it on Friday.

Per book marketing to date, I have learned that their are some great book lists on the internet for free, low cost and books on any subject one might have an interest in. Books in the Kindle Select program have five free days in each 90 day enrollment period. In the case of my book which has about 100 purchases, the book was downloaded almost three times that amount on it's first free promotion day. Since the first free promotion day on 10/11/12, the book is now also in paperback format on Amazon and on CreateSpace.

Links to the ebook and paperback formats on Amazon are at The CreateSpace link is at, and the book's trailer is on YouTube at                  

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