Thursday, January 2, 2014

BacMet - Bioinformatics Antibacterial Biocide & Metal Resistance Genes Database

BacMet at is an easy-to-use bioinformatics database including antibacterial biocide- and metal-resistance genes. The database includes an online tutorial at and is produced by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden:

Citation: Pal, C., Bengtsson-Palme, J., Rensing, C., Kristiansson, E., Larsson, DGJ. (2014) BacMet: antibacterial biocide and metal resistance genes database, Nucleic Acids Research, 42, D737-D743. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt1252

The BacMet database can be searched using any full term or partial term with a wildcard, including  gene names (e.g. copA or cop*), name of biocides (e.g. Triclosan or Triclo*), metals (e.g. Arsenic or Arsen*) or chemical classes (e.g. Acridine or Acrid*). The search results appear in table format with the resistance gene information matching the search term input.

A browse option is included to review the database by metals, biocide, metal resistance genes, biocide resistant genes, etc. 

BacMet offers Quick Search and Adanced Search options and results can be selected to include
"experimentally confirmed" and/or "predicted results," as BacMet consists of two databases:

    • Database of manually curated experimentally confirmed resistance genes
    • Database of automatically predicted resistance genes based on sequence similarity

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