Monday, February 17, 2014

Marketing Your Book

I am reading many sources that agree that the #1 way books are chosen is "recommendation by a friend."

This does not surprise me as I think of all the books I have read that friends have suggest I read. I literally run to the library to check out a recommended book, share ebooks when available in my lending library with friends.

If you are an independent author, do you know if your book is being promoted by your friends to other friends?

Please let me know if your books move on recommendations by friends!

I have not yet been able to trace "Walk Forward," in this respect, but it rings familiar, and recommendations by friends for anything rings true!

Wonder if this is how successful books start out ---- read by many friends?

Per my international friends herein are the links to "Walk Forward," in ebook and paperback formats on

                 Amazon Canada at
Amazon Germany at

Amazon Italy at

Amazon UK at

Amazon France at

Amazon Mexico at

Amazon Spain at

Amazon USA at

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