Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Search Engine - Oparla

There are new search engines almost every week. I have a huge list of my favorites but came across an unusual one before its official launch.

I am working on an ongoing difficult question for my company Rosa S. Raskin & Associates, LLC. that involves searching for an image including two common words. Today, I found a new search engine, Oparla, that to my surprise, includes the best results to date of any search engine I have used for my particular question.

One review of Oparla is "New search engine to reward its users". The scheduled launch date for the search engine is April 14, 2009, however, I am using it before the official launch date and am beyond satisfied in regard to the information I found, two different graphic images including the two words within the image that are of interest to me.

I do not know details about being rewarded for the search I did on Oparla other than being able to find the images needed using text words that were included as text or "within the image". This was reward enough for this persistent and professional information specialist.

A search engine such as Oparla is a worthwhile addition to my collection of fee-based and free deep web resources. I see this search engine as one more secret addition to my sources in the realm of intellectual property. Oparla is easy to use, results appear uncluttered, and offer options as to the formatted results.

I can not verify the completeness of this new search engine, or if it was serendipity that I found the information I needed after searching so many other sources.

I suggest that a quick search of the Oparla search engine may prove useful to the professional information specialist trying to find that needle in many haystacks, or a brief overview of a subject. The search in Oparla may not be complete. but the engine is one of the best kept secrets I have found to date for text words included in a graphic.

I welcome any comments if my initial experience with Oparla was just luck, coincidence, or a treasure!

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  1. Hi Rosa,

    What's your take on Tazoodle? A new Search Engine much like Google but with a twist. They are sharing its' daily revenue up to 65% amongst registered users. Launching sometime in December. Just like Oparla, It's Free to join.