Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Wallstrip Edge - by Howard Lindzon

The WallStrip Edge by Howard Lindzon emphasizes the importance of understanding trends to make money, specifically how to buy and sell stock in our shrinking world.

Trends are very important to those of us in the information profession and any book that helps one identify secrets to discovering new trends is a most worthwhile read for the information professional.

Information specialists often identify trends, report trends, research trends, predict trends, and create them! Trends are born, reborn, end, and die.

Lindzon reviews past trends and suggests how we might easily view trends in a business, sector, or country. He reviews popular web sites, blogs, and browsers for trend tracking, and includes the new roles of social networking. Lindzon's book is centered on stocks but the information he provides is not limited to the stock market as Lindzon is a student of the study of human nature, society, the global economy, the importance of networks, our past, and our future.

Lindzon suggests we continuously quick scan technology, headlines on the web, and "hot buttons" to keep us in the loop and up-to-date.

The book is easy and fun to read. Lindzon includes a "To-Do List" at the end of each chapter for our review. Lindzon reviews the importance of doing our "homework" in any endeavor.

Lindzon echoes the importance and power of information and includes information as the first in his list of everlasting trends. He states that "information is the most important everlasting trend because information gives people power."

Lindzon's four categories of everlasting trends include:
1. Information
2. Vices
3. War & Defense
4. Health, Wellness & Vanity

I hope that my husband will turn off the television (as Lindzon suggests) and read this inspiring book that I found in the "new nonfiction section" of our public library.

Howard Linzon's web site states it is "where pop culture meets stock culture."

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