Sunday, July 6, 2014

Making a Business Card for Walk Forward

The last time I attended a meeting, I did not have a business card for my book, so I wrote the title and URL on my personal business card, certainly not very professional and it took time to write the information out. Unfortunately, it was an international meeting and I did not write out the entire set of international Amazon nodes on which the book is present.

Of course, anyone can search for Walk Forward on their country's Amazon website, but it would be faster to include the exact URL, as I don't know how many future books might have the same title?

Walk Forward's cover is a photo of my mother from 1938, and I am searching for a missing half sister, thus, any photo must be both clear and crisp. The missing half sister is not my mother's daughter,
but was my father's first born.

To make the card which can be single sided or folded like a little book, I have to make the following decisions:

  • For the graphic, portrait or landscape, I am choosing portrait
  • For the photo itself I need to create one that has a resolution of at least 1200 X 1200 and
  • Sized at 3.5 X 2".
  • Need to figure out what program to use to increase resolution or the photo will look grainy, "pixelly" as I call it.
  • Bleed needed on the photo, or I will have to border it, which means leaving it white, black, or in my case maybe dark brown if I can match the color with its proper color code, thus,
  • Find code for the darkest brown color on the photo.
Notice that the area in back of the words "Walk Forward," is lighter, I did this as making the background exactly match might look like I put too much hair on her photo. I tried many different colored backgrounds and I know this background may be blotchy in the final product, but I will try my best -- maybe I shall proceed to one of the programs which include layers and try to get the original photo?

I would like to include the following in the card and will probably use the folded option:

"We walk forward, but we will never forget."
  1. YouTube
  2. Blogs
  3. Amazon Nodes --long list on web site all of them
  4. CreateSpace address
  5. Book's Facebook Page
  6. Pinterest Board 
  7. Goodreads  
  8. Website
  9. Press Release(s)
  10. Photos on Walk Forward's website
 Stop by again to see my progress and authors who have done this, please join in. 

Notice that light spot to the very far right --- that is my grandfather's ear as I cropped my Mom from her family photograph. I am keeping my grandfather's ear no matter what!

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