Saturday, October 13, 2012

Marketing Your Book: Part 6, Promotions-continued

The 24 hour, free promotion of my book, Walk Forward, on Amazon's KDP Select, resulted in 294 downloads, one loan in the Kindle Lending Library, and four purchases (99 cents) just before and after the free period.

My book was exactly two weeks old when I signed up for my first promotion day, Thursday, 10/11/12.

The Vice Presidential debates greatly slowed down the downloading of the free book.  I will try to co-ordinate better with what's happening in the world, the next time I schedule a free promotion day.

To be honest, I will remember forever that my first free promotion day, the day 294 copies were downloaded in 24 hours, was the day of the Vice Presidential debates!

Per Amazon's Kindle's Select program, one is allowed five days in every period of 90 days that the book is an exclusive on Amazon.

I think the program is worthwhile, as I doubt if I would have received 294 persons interested in the book at this stage were it not for the free promotion. I need to get the book downloaded worldwide if I expect to uncover any new information about my lost sister.

My conclusion is FREE works! The UK both downloaded and purchased copies, a total of 18 to date, while all the rest of the downloads (free and purchases) were from the U.S.

Amazon's Reports Module is great in identifying in what countries the book is being downloaded, per the Amazon node in the area. The free promotion includes Amazon all over the world!

I tweeted and posted on Facebook almost the entire time the book was free, but for the few hours of the Vice Presidential debates!

It will be interesting to see if sales continue. The first day my book was on Amazon was September 26. I publication date being September 25, 2012. In September the book stats went as high as 18 sold, but the final data said 13. In October before the promotion, sales were up to 18 books. I had gifted 40 books to friends and family, but most thought they needed to have a Kindle to read the book.

One secret I learned is when emailing potential readers, mention that they can read the book for free on the Amazon Cloud or download to their PC using "Kindle for PC."

I had complaints mostly from my family for a "large" print, paperback book, which I am trying to create!

Another secret is to get reviews first! Three reviews are required before many sites will mention a book!

The best thing about the free promotion was seeing this in regard to Walk Forward:

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