Saturday, November 8, 2014

Authors of "Mentoring Power: Key to Sustainable Economic Growth and Innovation"

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"Mentoring Power: Key to Sustainable Economic Growth and Innovation" [Kindle Edition], at Innovation-ebook/dp/B00P9GZ2LM is authored jointly by three co-authors including:

William Sharp has a background in biotechnology, translation of science into business ideas, spawning start-up companies and extensive technology transfer experience in the Americas and Asia. He has authored over seventy original research papers, abstracts and books in the field of plant cell biology including the five volume series entitled the Handbook of Plant Cell Culture. Dr. Sharp is currently a member of the Ohio State University College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Committee. He previously held the following positions: Dean of Research and Professor of Plant Science, Cook College & Director of Research, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Rutgers University; Executive Vice-President, DNA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Executive Vice-President for Research, DNA Plant Technology, Corp; Research Director, Pioneer Research, Campbell Institute for Research & Technology, the Campbell Soup Company; Professor of Microbiology, Ohio State University; Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory and Eminent Professor, University of Sao Paulo. He was a Fulbright Grantee during 1971 and 1973. Dr. Sharp holds a Ph.D. in Plant Cell Biology from Rutgers University.

Rosa Raskin has a background in the sciences and information technology. She has taught K-12, physicians, health care givers, patient education, and university scientists. She placed 6 full text medical books on the internet in 1996, and was the webmaster for a 5 hospital system. She is a contributing author to two leading international trade journals, one for Asia and the Pacific Rim
APCJ) and the other covering Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East (PPCJ She founded Rosa S. Raskin & Associates LLC, to continue her work in consulting, research, and innovative product development. Her background on the bench in several life science laboratories gives her a unique perspective in combining her love of science with information. As an information analyst she is called on to trouble shoot, turn ideas into products, and enable her clients to make things happen by securing the needed primary, secondary and tertiary tools. She has spent more than thirty years working as a researcher in academic medical centers, Fortune 100 companies, government, and special education. She holds a B.S. in Zoology, an M.S. in Microbiology, both from The Ohio State University and an M.L.S. from Kent State University. She recently published a book entitled, "Walk Forward," wrote a chapter for the newly published book, "Reflections & Connections: Personal Journeys Through the Life Sciences," and is writing three cookbooks dedicated to those with food allergies and restricted diets.

Maria Shine Stewart is a licensed professional counselor in Ohio and has 30 years of experience in higher education as a teacher of writing, a publication specialist and editor, a volunteer in a career services office, a writing center consultant, a continuing education instructor on campus and in the workplace, and in other roles promoting student learning and well-being. She holds a B.A. in English from Cleveland State University and two master’s degrees from John Carroll University, in counseling and in English. She has been a career advice columnist, A Kinder Campus,” for the free online daily, "Inside Higher Ed." She strives to build bridges between the humanities and the social sciences with an emphasis on writing across the lifespan, wellness, creativity, and innovation. She led senior citizen community memoir workshops for many years and has taught at John Carroll University, Notre Dame College (Ohio), Cleveland State University, Cuyahoga Community College, and Ursuline College’s Teacher Apprentice Program.

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