Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Deep Web Searching with One-Step Web Portals

It is best to have many tools in one's toolbox when it comes to "Deep Web Searching." One tool that combines patents, news, literature, and social media is Biznar.com

Biznar.com is an example of a "federated search," where multiple sites are searched at once and more quickly than trying each one.

I might start with a Biznar.com search and see where it leads me. I have been surprised more than once!

What is great about Bizar is that is is FREE. My favorite is to search me or my company, along with having a google alert on yours truly, to keep up with what is or is not posted.

For more information on a "Federated Search" in medicine check:


Thanks for stopping by and do not forget to set up an alert on yourself and your company! Rosa

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